The Promiscuous Cupid

It's good to be amongst friends. They were a tight gang, these fellows, willing to die for the other, but that's what 16 years of togetherness does to us emotional creatures. Stories flowed effortlessly, as did the beer. Rick enjoyed being with these men, for in their company he felt true friendship. The discussion was buoyant, ever so lightly steering to the Woman on the next table. She was one of five, but in his eyes, in his dreamy wishful eyes, she was one in a million. Never had a woman walked by in the simplest white T and a pair of faded blue jeans, and looked so precious. There's always something about a woman whose locks brush, oh so lightly against her cheeks, that makes you want to love her endlessly. He had to talk to her, for those luscious lips parting to speak could only make the sweetest of melodies. His intentions were noble, there were no perversive thoughts. He wanted them to share their souls and become one with the universe. There was only the slightest complication, he had a fiancé, nursing a fever and waiting for him at home. She had laid out a feast for his friends and him, despite the mind numbing headache she had, and he was torn between this kind hearted angel and the enchanting soul spirit in front of her. "Who is faithful in todays world?" one friend argued, "Look at that body!" commented the other. He wasn't listening. He was going to talk to her.

Chloe liked going to the mall. There was something about the endless, randomly sprawled out stores that excited her. She had symptoms of the flu but there's no cure like holding a Chanel handbag and parading in front of mirrors. She felt instantly healed. Jesus must've sent these bags to heal the world she thought, and immediately regretted the thought, for Chloe was a devout Christian and took blasphemy quite seriously. She was raised by two strict Catholic parents and schooled by stern priests and nuns. Reverence was in her blood. She had a long list of groceries to buy so she started off towards the "Food" section, and just before she exited her favourite store, the salesman cornered her. "Ma'am that bag you were holding, It won't look nice on anyone else now that you've held it" he coyed. Is he hitting on me? she wondered. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, in fact now that she stopped and took a look at him, she saw he was exceptionally good looking. He seemed younger than her. The way his chest bulged told her he worked out, and there didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on him. Something about a well chiselled body turned her on. But that was not it, he had a handsome face, short cropped brown hair, a well defined jaw line, a sharp nose, and piercing blue eyes. She wanted to drown in those eyes. "You will manage to convince another woman to buy it I'm sure" she flirted. "Oh I know I will, but no woman could do justice to that bag." he reciprocated. "And why is that?" Chloe questioned. "Because I haven't seen a woman as heavenly as you in my life" he said, and in a swift motion he took her hand in his and walked her back into the store. She felt a million emotions course her body. Never had a man held her hand without her permission before. She was too sophisticated to let such barbarism occur, but when this man did, she felt exhilarated. She felt young. Then she remembered the man back home waiting for her, soon to be her husband. She remembered her promise to him that the ring on her finger symbolized. She remembered her Christian up bringing. She felt guilty for the feelings she felt. She had to get out of there before she did something to jeopardize her relationship. "I have to go" she lamented, half heartedly, pulled her hand free and began walking away.

Karen had always adored David Bowie. She had heard every single one of his songs, and heroes was her absolute favourite, partly because she had lost her virginity to it, and partly because, well it's a brilliant song. And today he had died. She didn't know him personally of course, but her soul grieved as if he were a part of her."We're not letting you cry in your room tonight Kar" her friend said over the phone. "We're taking you out tonight. A vodka and cranberry is what you need". Karen was too exhausted to argue, and frankly, she knew it would be futile. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her ensemble couldn't get simpler: A plain white T and a pair of faded blue jeans. Despite the redness under her eyes, an ode to Bowie, she looked pretty. Her long locks constantly fell from behind her ears on to her face, and only added to her beauty. She had big brown eyes, the kind puppies do, and her slender figure only made you want to protect her. They met at their usual hangout, and the usual waiter greeted them obliviously. In between the drinks, the talk and Bowie reminiscence, she saw him. He instantly looked away, but little did he know, like all men don't, she had spotted him gazing her way minutes ago. She wasn't looking for a hook up, she was too distraught for that. Besides, she had a boy friend she was irrevocably in love with since the last 4 years. But this man, there was just something. His eyes, they revealed his soul, and it was pure. He looked at her with pure admiration and nothing else, and that made her blush. Many men courted her over the years but she had a strong resolve and no intentions of cheating. And then he stood, and walked towards her. In that split second she had decided, she was going to give him a fair chance to woo her and the consequences drained out of her mind.

Jasper was extraordinarily good looking, and he knew it. In fact, his looks, coupled with his boyish charm, were what helped him breeze through life. Everything came easy to Jasper. Or so the world believed. No one really knew the torment that went on in his head. When he was at the bar, he laughed and flirted effortlessly, buying drinks for pretty ladies, but nobody knew the toil his body went through to earn those few bucks. And now he worked at a Hand bag store at the mall, some Chanel or whatever, he didn't care. He earned a meagre salary, but his gift, his looks, always pulled in the women and he sold bags like they were cupcakes, helping him draw a fat commission. He hardly cared for the women, for his heart was with a woman he completely treasured, and today he had to get back home early to comfort her for she had lost an icon she considered family. He never really understood how people could imprint on celebrities, but he never dared ask. Just when he was thinking of how to lift her mood later on tonight, she walked in, with the graceful charm of an angel. He was completely mesmerised by her bouncy bob cut hair, her little button nose, her alluring wide mouth and her perfectly adorable dimples. He was drawn to her short stature in a way no woman or object ever had. She seemed out of place in this fancy expensive store, and he saw her eyes yearn for the bag she held in her hands. He saw her face contort into the look of disappointment an empty wallet conjures. He would've bought the store for her, if he wasn't broke himself. Then she started to leave, and the thought of never seeing her again made his heart ache. He manoeuvred his way to the entrance of the store, stopped right in front of her, gave his most winning smile, and turned on the charm. Just as he was walking her in, she seemed to panic, pulled her hand out of his and began to rush out.

Rick woke up to the sound of chirping birds and laughing children, the sounds he had gotten used to hearing on a Sunday morning in the suburbs. He looked to his left to a sight he wasn't used to. He recalled the previous night. He resolved to walk up and talk to the lovely girl, but he managed only a few steps before the angel on his right shoulder commanded him to stop and go home to the woman he had promised to do right by. The devil on his left shoulder put up a brave fight but Rick eventually turned around, told his friends he wasn't feeling too well and walked out. He felt light, the way you feel when you walk away from an undeniably alluring mistake. He got home, but Chloe wasn't there. There were a few times in the past when she'd take a taxi to meet her folks a few blocks away and decide to stay the night and he assumed she had done just that. He didn't want to disturb the elderly couple at this hour with a phone call so he went to bed. As he came back to the present, he looked again at his left. Where the warm body of his loving finance usually lay, today was empty bed space.

Chloe woke up to the sound of a flaring siren. She rubbed her eyes, coming out of the daze and looked around. She saw the yellow chipping paint on the walls and the wildly rotating fan above, hanging from the stained ceiling. The room had just a bed, a table, and a door to what was presumably a bathroom, but she wasn't going to check. Jasper stood near the window in his boxers, pulling on a Bristol and looking at the busy street outside the motel. He looked at her and smiled. Memories flooded in. She began walking out of the store, but in a moment of weakness she turned and handed him a slip of paper, with her number on it. Jasper had decided not to call, and went home that evening to his love, Karen. She wasn't home, there was instead a note on the fridge simply saying "Going out for drinks, see you soon". He watched the news for a while, had a few beers and curiosity eventually got the best of him. He picked up the phone and called the number he so desperately wanted to get rid of, and here he was.

Karen woke up to a hangover. Last night was a blur, but she remembered the man she was eager to collide with who at the very last moment turned and walked away. Now that she was sober, she was relieved he did. She picked up her phone and called Jasper. He didn't answer. There were empty beer bottles on the kitchen counter so she knew had come home, but he wasn't there when she had tumbled in. She would try his number again later. She needed a shower, but first, she walked to the music system and hit play. Sweet nectar instantly filled the room.

"I, I will be King
And you, you will be Queen
Though nothing, will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be heroes, just for one day......"


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