You Think You Know Love?

Love hurts they say. But it doesn't. It is not love that hurts you, but the absence of it, when it is over or had never begun.

Love constricts they say. But it doesn't. Jealousy constricts, anger binds, distrust doubts, and don't confuse them for love.

To carve out your chest and give your heart to someone is noble, but isn't love, because love doesn't demand. But then again, if you cannot sacrifice, it probably isn't love either.

If love is mere chemicals in the brain, why do we feel it deep within our gut when loneliness digs a hole sucking inwards making it hard to breathe, high up in our throat as we choke back words and on both our cheeks as misty drops of tears?

Love is not blind, but on the contrary, sees clearly. Love will not ask you to jump from a cliff, alter your beliefs, mend your personality or prove yourself, because love does not test, and if you are being tested, then you are blind, because it is not love.

If it brings pain, destruction or tragedy, it isn't love, if it suffocates you, it is not love.

But then again, what do I know?


  1. I could agree with every single word.. its just unconditional.. if its not unconditional its not love..

  2. What do you define a true relationship or true love as ?

  3. Did you ever fall in love again?


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