Perspective, the mind's eye

I've been thinking about perspective, lately, about how it's all that exists.

We want to, with all our strength, believe there's right and wrong, good and evil, saint and satan, but in truth, there's only perspective.

A man guns down a boy when robbing a department store - an abhorring crime, an evil man, the spawn of satan.

The deceased boy's grieving father guns down the murderous thief in revenge - a superhero, a vengeful angel, the purveyor of justice.

A sudden news broadcast reveals the thief had lost his job due to budget cuts and he just wanted to steal bread to feed his unwell wife and two year old daughter - we don't know what to feel anymore.

When the perspective changes, so does the definition of right and wrong, leading me to believe, there is no right and wrong, there is only perspective.

And what is perspective, if not our mind's eye?