Is GOD a Programmer? Is creation an algorithm?

"All men are pigs!!" she yells as she walks towards the front door, passing in between me and the television, completely obstructing my view for a second, which was more than enough for Firestorm69 to land a headshot ending my 7-0 winning streak. At this point I should've been running after her, instead, the cogs of my brain went into overdrive, analysing the most used euphemism since Jesus left veronica to die on the cross: "All men are pigs".

Are all men really, deep down, at the core of our beings, stripped of all façades that society, religion and every other propagandist cloaks us with, just the same?
Scientifically speaking, yes. We're just a bag of quarks(possibly just vibrating strings if Sheldon Cooper finally proves the string theory). The question is, if everything in this universe is made up a few basic building blocks, for simplicity let me say atoms, did the supreme almighty just write a universally accepted simple algorithm that these atoms followed into building the universe that we know?

Let me explain. You use your computer to play games, yes? These games at their core, are an algorithm of codes on a  platform. Codes are broken down to 1s and 0s by a compiler, which is what the processor understands. So, in essence, the vast universe of a game with all it's perfectly rendered graphics and simulated near life experience, is nothing but an ocean of a buzzilion 1s and 0s. Now I can write an algorithm to manipulate these 1s and 0s into arranging themselves in whatever design I see fit, and the algorithm could be designed to alter and adapt to what the user feels is their need.

Did the supreme almighty, the universal cosmic energy, or simply, God, just write an algorithm to position atoms in place to simulate the universe that we now see before our eyes?

 What if this is what God did-



Variable: “New_being”, “Man”, “Woman”;

Man=”Hunter”, “Provider”;

Woman=”Nurturer”, “life vessel”;




And then sat back and watched the world being populated….. Plausible scenario?

There have been patterns seen and observed all over the world, throughout history suggesting arbitrary events are not anonymous, random and co-incidental, but actually repetitive and predictable.

The "Golden Ratio". It is a number denoted by the Greek symbol phi (φ) and equals 1.61803.... The ratio of numbers that amount to this value is called the "Divine Proportion". What makes this exact number unique? Artists have used this ratio in paintings, specifically being the distance between eyes, ratios of the length to the width of the face and so on, as this proportion seems to be aesthetically pleasing. Mathematicians have used the ratio to solve , define and prove numerous equations and theorems. Even investors seem to be using this ratio to predict the financial markets! The most intriguing occurrence of the Golden ration however, is in the very nature around us. Scholars dating back to the 15th century have found the Ratio manifesting itself in the measurement of trees, leaves, even human arteries and veins! 
Could this be a co-incidence? Or the result of a well written algorithm?

I read Dan Browns "Inferno" a while ago. The book was a creation of fiction but the message it spread was eerily accurate. Mother earth and humans have been suffering the wrath of earthquakes,, famines, cyclones poverty and many more natural and man made disasters, giving rise to innumerable losses. These seem like such diseases, no? Turns out, what we have been perceiving to be diseases are but just symptoms of the underlying fatal disease: Over Population. Dan Brown beautifully observes that throughout history, while man has let this disease spread unchecked, mother nature hasn't. Nature seems to try it's best to stop this disease from spreading, in the only way it knows how: Natural disasters. Have you ever noticed, how at regular intervals we encounter natural disasters and epidemics , which seem to annihilate a chunk of the population? Tsunamis? SARS? Earthquakes? Ebola?
Is it a co-incidence or just a few lines in a master algorithm?

Start ;
Variable: “Population”, “Natural_Disaster”,”Population_Threshold”;
Natural_disaster=”earthquake”, “Tsunami”, “Plague”;
If (Population>Population_Threshold)
Stop ;

I guess we will never know. But it’s fascinating don’t you think? The beauty is, there are signs everywhere. There are patterns all around us. We just need to observe, pay attention and deduce. Once found, who knows, they could be used as cheats?

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