7 Things To Be Sure Of When Quiting Your Job | Lessons From An Unemployed Sociopath

January 09, 2017 Anson 2 Comments

It's a Monday morning and with great reluctance you have put on a tie and come in to work. All you want is one cup of coffee to wash down the weekend and just when you lock your fifty six thousand year old windows 1648 pc, your boss walks by and decides to drill you about the one full stop you missed on a client report.

You take on the beating patiently, but you've had it. The second he leaves you open up a blank mail and type out your resignation. You grin at the pseudo curse words you have subtly entered like Hello Sir which means Hi Asshole and Thank you which means Rot in hell. You fold up your sleeve as you wrap up the death sentence. It's time you gave that food truck idea a go. Your roommate has been drilling you for months about renting a van and selling burgers on the street. It's time, you decide.

But just when you're about to hit that send button the jitters kick in. Am I doing the right thing? How will I pay rent next month? As the fear creeps up on you, you hit YouTube and Google looking for articles and examples of people who have quit their steady job to follow their passion, in the hopes of finding inspiration.

Here's the advice you've been looking for, and the only one you'll need.

7 Things To Be Sure Of Before You Quit Your Job

1. Have A Bloody Good Reason

Don't quit because you're unhappy at your desk. Don't quit because your boss is a blood sucking flea. Don't quit because the pizza in the cafeteria is as hard as concrete. Quit ONLY because you have a clear picture of what you want to do and at least an idea on how you're going to begin to achieve it.

I cannot stress on this enough. I have seen people quit because they're 'dissatisfied with the raise they got', or because they 'want to be entrepreneurs'. Both are extremely ambiguous reasons and equivalent to chopping your own legs off with your own fu***ng axe!

One thing you don't realize when making decisions out of anger or exhilaration is this: time flies by and money evaporates at the blink of an eye. If you're fed up of this article and are going to go back to playing candy crush it's fine, just remember this, time flies by and money evaporates at the blink of an eye.

As long as you're at your job, the paycheck is coming in periodically and you're still adding to your years of experience. Only when you feel the crunch do you realize what you've given up.

So unless your reason is as strong as the pizza in your cafeteria, don't quit.

2. Have A Plan

Fine, you've got solid reason and enough conviction to back it up. Should you quit now? Well wait a moment, stick around at your menial job for just a bit, until you've made a plan to put the reason in action and get the wheels rolling.

Your plan should not be mere bullet points, no sir. Know exactly what errands need to be completed and in what time frame. Allow yourself some leg room, that's fine but don't be too lenient.

Reiterating what I said, time flies and money evaporates. If you're going to spend time coming up with a plan and a way to execute it after you have quit, I only pray you have saved enough for at least half a decade because it is not easy and could take a while.

You know you're going to quit, you can slack of a little at work and work on how you're going to achieve your dream. Hell you can use office resources to get work done for free! Do you know how much a colour print out costs? I don't because I got them printed at my office for free.

3. Do Not Sidetrack. You Don't Need A Plan B

Here is where I faltered. I had a reason, I had a plan. I quit my job and the first few weeks went great, I stuck to the drawing board, checked all the tasks on my list and progressed flawlessly. Then I thought, wow I'm a free bird I can do whatever I want, let me try film making for a while. And then I spent a month downloading and mastering editing software, going on shoots and making lousy films. Granted, if I continued I would have improved and eventually made excellent films but then came the next hobby, drawing. Then came yoga followed by gardening and the list went on. Until one day the reason for quitting a steady job was only a bleak memory and the checklist was in the garbage cradling a half eaten sandwich.

Do not sidetrack. Not even for the safe reason of having a plan b. You don't need it. Conviction is the key.

4. Save Enough To Last You A Year

Yes yes I've regurgitated the phrase but its important. Time flies and money evaporates. 

With a steady income you don't realize how important money is. You don't realize just how much your spending habits have surged. That's because your coffers always filled up when you were close to running out.

But not anymore. Unless you've taken up a temporary job or started making money from your planned endeavour, chances are you're bleeding money. 

Step one to remedy this problem is save enough before you quit. You know your lifestyle, you know how much you spend in a month. Calculate how much you'd need for a year, add some surplus to it and only when you see that amount reflecting in your bank account, quit.

Step two is start living a minimalistic lifestyle. Oh stop whining I'm not asking you to sleep at the bus stop and eat worms. Cut down on things you don't absolutely need. Like alcohol (your health will improve) or new clothes (what the hell's wrong with your old ones?), use a bicycle (you'll also save the planet), cook instead of eating out,  you get my drift.

5. Procrastination Rusts Success

Another sticking point on the path to ambition is procrastination. I just quit let me catch up on sleep. I just quit let me watch all the TV shows in the world first. I just quit I have all the time in the world. yada yada. I've heard them all and I've used them all. Let me tell you this, procrastination knocks on your door, you invite it in, and then it stays put like your uncle Ned who promised he'll only stay for a week but ends up filling your closet with his clothes and before you know it five years have gone by and you've been sleeping on the couch while uncle Ned has been banging hookers on the bed you bloody paid for!

Do not get lazy. Catch up on sleep and rest for a week, that's fine. But then get of your ass. Wake up early get work done and then do whatever the hell you want to with the rest of your day. Lather rinse repeat.

6. Meet A friend, Then Their Friend, Then Another Friend

Build your network is all I'm saying. I'm not egging you to trick people into friendship, no. I'm saying meet people, all the time, everywhere you go. At the gym, at the park, at the pub, just have a friend get another friend who'll know someone at the pub whose roommate's sister will introduce you to a neighbour whose uncle is a music director and voila! 

I know it's hard, especially for an introvert like me but I spent a few weeks cooped up in my room and while I managed to use the seclusion to focus and get a good gameplan going, once I stepped out I realized I knew no one to give me a lift to the next pitstop (and also, vitamin D deficiency).

Don't hesitate to say hello, people may look at you as a crazy person at first but once they realize your motive is not to be a creepy pickup artist but to genuinely spread your passion, they'll be fascinated. Trust me on that.

7. Enjoy The Ride

This seems a bit cliche but whatever, I want to say it anyway. If you succeed, which I hope you do, chances are you will be engrossed in work and, god forbid, if you fail, chances are you're going to take up another menial job. Either ways you may never end up in this magical uncertain period where you discover yourself, realize your potential and ability. It's going to be scary but it will be fun, and the freedom is exhilarating to a point of addiction. 

So relax, know that the dots will connect and things will fall into place, take a night off once in a while, gulp a few beers and make the most of unemployment while it lasts.



  1. I hope this sociopath finds a way out soon!!

  2. Yes, one should talk to people, a lot of them. You never know,
    they might end up helping you, just for getting better as a human race. Just for a better world, might be.