The Moncanos S01E04: The Plan

'The Quarter Plate' was larger than any other hotel in the city, on blueprint. With one enormous banquet hall, seven private dining halls, three conference rooms, over twenty suites and fifty rooms, one in house casino and three swimming pools, it was definitely a magnificent project. A project owned by the Moncanos

A project that was now stalled because of an old neighbourhood apartment.

'The Harlem' was old beyond its years, but the city didn't dare tear it down because it carried rich heritage and families that lived in it, most fourth generation, had their blood, sweat and dreams mixed in the concrete. It was also occupied by only black families and messing with it would bring about a racial element. This same factor gave the families the confidence to stand up to the government whenever talks of renovation arose.

Lyndon Moncano wanted to stretch his portfolio and the largest hotel in New Orleans would be a major feather in his cap. The government jumped in on the project primarily because it would boost New Orleans tourism and also because they knew by the time the construction was completed, they would all be a few millions richer.

The first phase of the plan was to acquire land, by ousting the current residents. They were all given sufficient compensation and everyone took it and left, some for the lust of money and most for the fear of death. Except the residents of 'The Harlem'. They were an adamant bunch who wouldn't budge.

Now the Moncanos always had their way and were cocky enough to begin construction of 'The Quarter Plate' even though one apartment was yet to be cleared. They figured when the time came it would all be sorted.

The time was here and nothing was sorted. But Lyndon seemed to have a plan.

"This here is Jay Bolong", Lyndon began, introducing the stranger. "He lives on the third floor of 'The Harlem', the only building standing in the way of my project. He has agreed to help us fix this little problem, isn't that right Jay?" Lyndon paused and looked at Jay. Jay stared into the menacing grey eyes, but only for a second and looked away nodding his consent.

"What's the plan boss", Sean asked lighting a cigarette. Only the closest of Lyndon's friends would dare interrupt. "Patience Sean", Lyndon responded. "Harlem has always been occupied by black families, since generations. Even the daily wage workers that are hired there are always black. Last month was a first in what the mayor describes 'the right direction for the city', when a white family moved in to the apartment and were welcomed with open arms. We are going to leverage this situation to our advantage"

Sean looked on in anticipation, The Alchemist had a blank stare, Baxter had admiration for his boss and Jay was sweating profusely.

"We're going to ignite a conflict and start a riot", Lyndon said with gleam in his eyes.

"Lyndon, you're joking", Sean blurted. Apparently Sean knew where this was headed.

"Don't fuckin doubt the boss you cock", the meat headed muscle man yelled out. For the years of dedicated service he had put in, he had expected to rise up the ranks when power changed from Papa Moncano to Lyndon but from no where came a stranger who took the coveted right hand man spot. Baxter hated Sean from day one.

"Shut your trap Baxter you brainless oaf", Sean yelled back. "Lyndon, listen man, so far the cops and the political assholes have turned a blind eye to even our most terrible crimes because the area of disaster was always small, limited to a few dead bodies. If I know you, and I definitely do, you're going to start a race war that we are not going to be able to handle. It will spiral out of control, throughout the city, and this time the law enforcers won't let it go. Trust me on that."

"How dare you disrespect the...." Baxter began saying and got up but Lyndon cut him short.

"Enough, both of you! I don't recall asking for your opinions. You are here to listen to my plan and execute it!"

Silence ensued

"Jay, listen up you black son-offa-bitch, this is what you're going to do. You're going to make a few calls, round up some of your factory's rowdy crew and head over to the apartment. Pick a petty fight with the white folks, you think of any reason why, I don't care, and make sure it escalates till all the families in the apartment are involved."

"Baxter, you will be on standby with some of the boys. When the commotion increases you guys go in pretending to represent the white folks and take the fight to the next level. The American ego will take care of the rest."

"Jay, you refuse and I hunt down your wife, your daughters and your sons, and when your tears are dried from mourning their death I will kill you too. You agree, and I will reward you handsomely, maybe you move to a new town and start a new life, put all this behind you. What say buddy?"

Jay began weeping. Sean put a hand on his shoulder. No one spoke, but everyone knew where this was going.

"OK", Jay said in a feeble, croaky voice.

In the coming week New Orleans was going to see a riot like none before.


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