The Moncanos S01E02: Federal Injection

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The thrill of the chase is better than the catch, they say. When you've been chasing for over 7 years, with no progress or finish line in sight, the luster kind of fades. You just want to get it over with, maybe get a peaceful night's sleep at last. But the lizard's always been a step ahead. Lyndon Moncano, the man who changed the face of the city's crime syndicate. I'm not saying the son's of bitches were not active before, oh yes they were. But Benedict Moncano had a different way of conducting business, he was cleaner, less noisy. Collateral damage was usually less. Lyndon Moncano came into the scene with the bombing of a local grocery store. The owner failed to pay the weekly fee, for the protection given by the Moncano family. Protection against what? Lord knows. What's worse? The bomb was detonated midday, when the store was filled and the streets were packed. There were no witnesses or concrete proof to make arrests of course, but the message was clear. Lyndon Moncano had arrived and he meant business. It didn't take long for the FBI to get involved. A covert team was formed, and that's where I come in.

7 years ago

"Burroughs. You finally fucked up enough to get noticed. The director wants to see you."

The director? Fuck. Only the top level feds get a sit down with the director. Rookies only see the director on the poster in the hallway. I must've fucked up big this time. 

"Burroughs, NOW!"

Alright Solanski you fat fuck. "On my way sir."  Jeez I wonder what I did wrong. It must've been the Jumboni case. I really screwed up there. Or maybe the MSPACMAN case. That was a disaster. Project LimeWire? I dropped coffee over confidential papers rendering them useless. How am I still employed!?

"Director Sully. You asked to see me?"

"Yes. Come in. You must be Sean Burroughs. Welcome to the war room."

Fuck this place is bigger than my house! The director knows me by name, this cannot be good.

"Burroughs, I'll just get to the point. You've definitely heard of the Moncano's. If you haven't, grab today's newspaper, any newspaper, and you'll learn all you have to about them. For the purpose of this meeting, Langley will give you a briefing. Langley."

"Burroughs, the Moncano's are a mob family, a crime syndicate down in New Orleans. The picture on the screen is of Benedict 'Papa' Moncano. He came to New Orleans along with his mother and two sisters in the year 1954, at the age of thirteen. There is no data about the family dating before that. Mrs Moncano died in the year 1956, when Benedict was fifteen. He then quit school and worked as a paper boy for a year and then at a grocery store for two years. When he was closing up one evening he saw the owner pay a few local thugs some cash, just a few dollars, but the kid was intrigued. On inquiring he learned it's just how things worked. These men had power and everyone else bent down to their will. Convinced this was the fastest way to the top, Benedict took on a life of crime. Starting with petty robberies, he moved up to establish the largest and most powerful crime conglomerate known today. In the year 1970 he married Paula Jenson, who became Paula Moncano, and a year later they had their first child, Lyndon Moncano. They had another boy, Johnny Moncano, who died at the age of twelve of complications when battling pneumonia. Lyndon, being the sole heir to the family run business, had his fate sealed. He accompanied his father on all business trips from an early age. In the year 1994, at the ripe age of twenty five, Lyndon was initiated as the head of the family. When I say family, I mean the entire syndicate. The don took a backseat to allow his son to get a feel for the business. This was a week ago. Yesterday afternoon, on a busy Wednesday, when the streets were packed, a bomb went off in a grocery store killing thirty two and injuring god knows how many. The bomb was a result of a missed payment, a payment Lyndon was tasked to collect, as his first day as the new boss. He wanted to make an impression. And he did. Ironically it's the same grocery store that sowed the seeds of crime in Benedict Moncano's head. Over to you director Sully."

"Burroughs, with the strengthening of  the Moncano family, crime has gone up in the city of New Orleans exponentially in the past few years. It is expected to rise even quicker now. Governor Buckley has asked the center to intervene, who have obviously asked us to sweep the carpet. The Moncano's are a smart lot. They own and manage two printing presses, seven bars and three recording studios, all legal and clean. All obvious fronts, to shadow the crime that goes on behind the scenes. Drug and weapon trafficking, money laundering, political pressurizing, gold fraud, you name it. They have a piece in every goddamn crooked pie. But they are smart. They leave no trace and nailing them has been a tedious task so far. There have been arrests of course, but always the small league players, who never divulge information, even under torture. Until the head of the snake is cut off, the family will run business unabated. This is where you come in, Burroughs. We need you to infiltrate the family. You're the youngest guy on the force, and we need a young guy for the job. We need you on the inside so we can finally get a few steps ahead of the crooks, and when the time comes, nail them. Before I divulge more, I need to know you're on board."

Fuck. What do I say to that? Fuck. I can't say no to the director. I'll be moved to the mail room for life. But infiltrate the mafia??? Fuck. "Ammm. It would be an honour, sir, to do this service for my country." Good answer ol boy Sean.

"Great. I'll leave you with Langley to go over the details. I have a meeting with the president so I'll get going. Good day gentlemen."

A meeting with the president. He says it like he has an appointment with the dentist. What a man. 

"OK Burroughs this is going to be critical. Lyndon and an entourage of guards, friends and women go to a bar, 'bottles', owned by the family, every night after eight. We have inside information, that is almost legit, that he's looking for a right hand man. Every mob boss has a right hand man, a confidante. We need you to earn that position. The plan is, once you're ready, we plant you at the bar. When they're there, we're going to have an inside man attempt a shooting. You are going to prevent it, save the day, and create a commotion so our inside man can get out. Lord knows he'll be skinned alive if he's caught so his escape is imperative, you understand?"

Understand? I'm fucking numb in the brain right now! What if I get fucking skinned alive?! "Yes sir I do"

"Good. Lyndon is young and impulsive. He will reward your bravery, maybe with a drink and a few minutes of banter. This is when you charm the motherfucker. We have an entire backstory prepared. Our source tells us Lyndon was very fond of his little brother and went through severe depression when Johnny died. You are going to mimic his dead brother. Johnny loved watching formula one, so do you. Johnny loved playing baseball, so do you. Johnny loved chasing girls, so do you. Johnny trekked every weekend, so do you. You will be given a complete profile and a few days to get your story straight. You make Lyndon believe you are the reincarnation of his brother, and before you know it, you'll be walking down the street holding his hand. Not that you're required to. To avoid risks you will keep your real name and use all your real documents. For this to work without glitches, we are going to mask all traces of you from our database. You won't have access to the federal building or websites. You cannot contact us, you will only be contacted by us. You understand?"

Yes yes. Delete my existence and feed me to the sharks I understand. "Yes Sir."

"Good. Go down to level 3, Dana will see you in room 304. She will give you your complete back story and train you on how to conduct yourself. You cannot seem conditioned and disciplined, it's not appealing to these men. I will see you again in a few days, once Dana confirms you're ready. All the best Burroughs."

Yea, all the best Burroughs. "Thank you sir."

Alright, off to level 3. That reminds me, I have to take eggs on my way home. Better set a reminder on my cell phone. These elevators are so fast man! OK, let's see. 301... 302... 303... ah, 304. I'd better knock.

"Dana, this is Sean Burroughs. I was asked to come see you rega.."

"Yes regarding the Moncano's, come in Sean."

Man she's hot. I wonder if I could hit on her. Did I sign a no work place romance clause? Who even reads those documents. Maybe I'll flirt a little.

"Sean, let's get to the point. I have an irritated husband and two kids waiting for me back home and I want to leave early today. You're going to have to catch on quick, OK?"

Well that answers that. "Yes ma'am"

"OK Sean, now this is second hand information but it's all we have. Johnny is believed to have been a big fan of the New Orleans Saints......"


I have followed the saints, watched every formula one race, trekked, drank, snorted coke, smoked pot, chased women, done it all for seven years now. I stood by 'The Dagger' as he butchered, cheated and manipulated his way around the city. but I never managed to land concrete proof that could be held in a court of law. I have enough to get them to court but if it's not solid, we'll have lost our only chance.

So here I am, back in 'Bottles', the place were I first met the mafia leader. The family has big plans for a large club in the city but an on going apartment construction stands in its way and the builder refuses to give in to threats from the family. Lyndon says he finally has a plan and we're meeting in his office at the pub to discuss it.

He says it will shake the city like an earthquake, and in the midst of the commotion, the apartment will be torn down. The builder will be killed as well. God save us all.

The Moncano's S01E01: Pilot