Heavens Alley - Chapter 18: Going Out With A Bang!

This is the seventh murder in the last fifteen days. While the first three happened to follow a pattern, all being tattoo artists, the rest seem to follow no discernible pattern and are likely to be random killings. Experts however confirm all seven have been murdered by the same person, based on finger prints retrieved from the crime scene. They profile the killer to be a male, around the age of 25-40 and extremely, mentally disturbed. The HAPD has no further comments...

Amora sat next to Jones in the precinct cafeteria and watched the reporter coo the evening news on the small 17 inch television. The HAPD were on a tight budget and spending tax payer's money on a new television was not an option. They sipped on freshly brewed coffee and Jones nibbled on a glazed doughnut. They were thinking the same thing but voiced nothing. Until Amora could keep it in no more.

"We know it's him Cap. He's gone AWOL from work, hasn't responded to my calls or texts, even the sleazy ones. He has definitely lost a screw and gone berserk! We need to nab him now!", Amora said in a panicky voice.

"Amora, you and I know it's him, but busting someone takes a great deal of legal work. If we nab him and a lawyer gets him out based on legal irregularities he might escape for good!", Jones snapped back. He was edgy. He was a cop and he knew who the criminal was and it was taking him a great deal of self restraint to not break in the door and put a bullet through Eric's head. The paper work was being handled. A warrant would be issued soon and they would get him in for questioning. There would be no escape after that.

"Whatever", Amora said and got up. As she turned to leave Jones warned her not to take matters into her own hands. She shrugged.

Amora decided to walk home. She needed to clear her head. There wasn't a shred of doubt in her mind that it was Lucifer who was behind the killings. She couldn't understand why Jones wouldn't do something about it, but then again, she never really did understand lawful proceedings. Absent minded, she walked up the stairs leading to her apartment. She unlocked the door, closed it behind her and walked straight to the closet. She opened it, pushed aside clothes hanging from a hanger to reveal three shelves. She stood on her toes and reached for the top most shelf and retrieved a shoe box. She set it on the floor and sat in front of it. She opened it, pulled out the pair of pumps and stared at the sole remaining item in the box. It was a Smith and Wesson J-Frame revolver, fully loaded with .22 bullets. She took it, stuffed it into her purse and walked out the door.

The Professor strolled leisurely around the park, contemplating her next move. Should she divulge information about Eric to the cops? He had clearly gone crazy and the killings around town were him, she knew because she had had him followed the first few days until he shook the tail. Blackmail was obviously not a threat for a mad man so her tapes were of no use to control him. He would obviously come after her. She could mail the tapes to the cops and let nature take its course. Yes, that is what she would do. She exited the park and walked across an alley that led to the car park. As she inserted the key into the lock, she felt a sharp sting on her neck. She spun around but her vision was already hazy and she couldn't see whose arms she fell into.

Jones was pacing linearly in his office when his phone beeped. He picked it up and punched in the security code while watching the sun set over the skyline of Heavens Alley. His fingers moved out of habit to unlock the phone. He read the text message on the screen: I understand your hands are tied by the law but mine aren't. I'm going to his place, I will get him to confess and record it.   
Dammit woman! Jones thought, buttoned his vest, holstered the gun and walked out the door.

The taxi stopped two houses away from Lucifer's. Amora got out, paid the man and stared until the red taillights were out of sight. Then she slowly made her way to the house. She knew from her previous visit that he had a security system in place and she hadn't yet figured out how to get passed it, but she'd tackle that hurdle when she got to it. The sun had set and it was dark, the only illumination being the street lights and the full moon. She ducked and walked around the house, towards the back. It was silent and eerily dark inside. The car was parked in the driveway so he had to be home. She walked to the back door and tried pushing it, just out of instinct. It swung slowly without a sound. The ever so meticulous Lucifer had left his back door open. He sure had gone nuts.She took out the J-Frame, held it with both hands, said a silent prayer to a god she didn't believe in, and walked in.

Her eyes quickly adjusted to the dark and slowly, she was able to distinguish the outlines of things in the house. She was careful not to bump into or drop anything. As she crossed the hall and walked the corridor towards the bedroom, she stopped. There was a door to the right, and as she stood still she realized there was a light buzzing sound that emanated from behind the door. She slowly twisted the knob and the door opened. There were stairs leading down to a basement where a dim light shone. The buzzing sound, sort of like one from a dentist's drill, was coming from down there. She walked down slowly until she was almost at the landing of the staircase. The wall at the right gave way to the room and the sight in front of her horrified her to her very soul.

There was Lucifer, wearing only a pair of jeans. His body was exposed and covered from neck down in ink. She stared in disbelief as he leaned over something and played with what looked like a drill. As her eyes adjusted and her mind got over the horrific tattooed man, she realized it was not something but someone on the table. He was drilling into a person!

"Motherfucker!" she yelled. "Get the fuck away from that person!!"

He stopped and turned. If he was shocked by her presence, he didn't show it. He looked unnaturally calm and composed. He smiled.

Amora Couldn't believe what she was seeing. Hell there were tattoos on his face! His tattooed body was soaked in blood. "You monster! Get away from that person or I'm going to shoot you." she said. She tried to maintain authority in her voice but she was trembling and her voice quivered. Lucifer caught that tremble. He slowly walked towards her, unconcerned by the pointing muzzle.

"Stop right there bastard! I mean it I will shoot you!" She yelled.

Lucifer stopped. He was still smiling. The drill was in his hand. Then, in a sudden motion, his face contorted in to shock and he looked behind Amora. On reflex, and to her utter mistake, she looked back. Lucifer raised the drill high above his head, took aim, and launched it at her. It went and smacked her right in the neck and she jolted, falling to the ground. The gun flew from her hands onto the floor. It took her a few seconds to regain composure and stand up and when she did, she was staring into the muzzle of the gun her father had left her when he died.

Lucifer pointed towards the table in the center of the room and she walked to it. She saw a body of a woman on the table. Her body was unharmed but when she got to the face she recoiled and puked on the floor.

The face was completely drilled into and was a mess of blood and flesh. From the red pulp flowed shiny blonde locks. She couldn't look and fell to the ground.

Eric pointed the gun to her head. "You just couldn't stay away, could you bitch."

She looked into his eyes. She saw pure evil. This wasn't a man to give in to reasoning, but she had to try.

"Look, Eric. It doesn't have to be this way. We can find you medical care and you know we could fix this mess. It doesn't have to be this way."

Lucifer smiled. He pulled back the hammer of the loaded gun. Amora closed her eyes.

The police car came to a halt in front of the Luf driveway with a screech. Jones jumped out and was jogging to the front door when he heard the shot. It was loud and deafening in the silent night. Then came another. The gun shot rippled through the silent street and lights around the neighbourhood came on, as Jones fired at the front door blasting the lock and ran in. As he got to the corridor, the door ahead of him to the right sprung open. A ghastly figure of a tattooed man covered in blood emerged. It was Eric. In his right hand was a gun.

Eric turned to face Jones. Jones had his service revolver pointed at Eric. "Eric. Don't panic. I want you to place the gun on the ground and slowly back away, and no one gets hurt alright?"

Eric smiled. He raised his hands in the air as if in defeat, then slowly lowered the right hand and pointed the gun at Jones.

The neighbours gathered outside the Luf residence. There was a cop car haphazardly parked and the door was blown to pieces. Mr. Simons, the community president called 911. As they were discussing and weaving stories of what was happening inside, a loud ripple of a sound spread through the night.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                    THE END                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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