Heavens Alley - Chapter 12: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Bloody

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Two dimes that chime
A little man's crime
Committing all that time
In pursuit of a dime

Eric chanted the rhyme his mother had taught him when he was a boy. Now as he hummed it he realized he never heard or read of it anywhere else. His mother must've made it up. How proud she would be to see Franks charred body rot in hell. He turned a corner and read the street sign that indicated he was on Gokmund street. He had to find number 29. He took light steps, careful not to stir up the sleeping dogs. He checked his watch and the thick Casio signaled it was just after 2 AM. He stopped in front of a fairly decent home. It wasn't lavish in structure. The fact that Billy Grey didn't live in a beat down building like Frank indicated he had a family. Eric also had a family, until a week ago. He turned to stare at the post box that proudly proclaimed the land of the Grey's. He crossed the small front yard and walked through the little gap in between the side of the house and the fence to reach the back door. He took out his little pouch from the pocket of his blood soaked jacket. The blood had dried and gave the jacket a military camouflage look, one that would shelter him if only plants were crimson.

He was in the house in a matter of minutes. He stood still, waiting to see if the house was under canine protection. The sharp ears of a mutt would've picked up the noises the door made. There were no barks. The wait also allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Billy must have been very poor for his house was draped with torn curtains. They allowed enough moonlight to illuminate the house. Eric was in the kitchen. He walked slowly, through the passageway that led to the hall. There were two rooms in its path. That was the entire layout of the house. The doors to the rooms were not equal in size and Eric judged which was the master bedroom, no doubt where Billy slept. The snores from the room confirmed this. He opened the smaller door and peeked inside. It was empty. A guest room perhaps. He shut it and tiptoed into the other room. A fat balding man occupied most of the bed forcing his malnourished wife to crawl up in the other corner. He sat on the only chair in the room contemplating his next move. The woman had to go, and go first. There was no doubt about that. He took out a knife from his coat pocket and held it in his right hand. He then pulled out a taser he had stolen from Helen. He walked over to Billy, turned the taser dial up to maximum and with his left hand, thrust it into Billy's neck. A surge of current passed through Billy's body causing him to jerk uncontrollably. Eric held the taser in place for a few seconds and then dropped it to the ground. Billy's jolting woke the woman, who saw a stranger in their room but before she could muster up a scream Eric lunged forward with the knife like he was in a sword fight and penetrated her neck through the thyroid and pushed until it snapped her vertebrae and exited through the back.

She was guilty by association.

He then pulled out the last remaining ropes he had and tied Billy to his bed, hands and feet to the bedpost. He took his seat on the chair waiting for him to regain consciousness.

After a full hour, Billy stirred back to the land of reality. He was immediately aware of his surroundings. He turned to his left to see the bloody corpse of his wife. He tried to scream but something in his mouth prevented him from it. It was Franks smelly sock, but Billy would never know.

The face of a very young boy hovered over him.

"I have a few questions for you, Billy. I will ungag you now. If you scream, I will chop of your tongue. Nod if you comply" Eric said.

Billy nodded. Eric pulled the sock out of Billy's mouth. Billy began to sob.

"A week ago you and Frank Duboy killed a woman. Do you remember?" Eric quizzed.

"Oh lord. I knew my sins would catch up to me. We didn't know she would die man I swear. We were paid to do it" Billy said between sobs.

Eric wanted to punch the man for not answering to the point but the last part caught him by surprise. "Paid to do it? By whom?" Eric asked.

"Me and Frank were minding our own business at the 'Gung Ho' that night when a lady approached us. The only women who walk the floors of that bar are hookers but this woman was not one. She was dressed like them rich ladies you know, in a coat and everything. She wore the hood down but she had blonde hair, that I noticed. Anyway she said her friend was looking for a good time and she'd pay me and Frank to, you know, service her. She gave us a grand each man and you know how tough times are these days or I'd never cheat on my wife man never. So we met this lady as she was walking home and told her her friend sent us but she pretended to not know and she screamed. Frank was drunk and he hit her and she fell and I don't know what got over us man we were drunk so we... well you know what we did." Billy answered.

Eric held back his anger. "I want information about the blonde." Eric said. "I don't know man I swear she didn't show us an ID or anything she just paid us in cash, dropped us near the lady and left."

"Then you are of no use to me" Eric said and in a swift motion cut open Billy's jugular. He shuddered for bit and died. Eric moved to the kitchen to repeat the drill he performed earlier that night.

When he was two streets away he turned to see the smoke rise high above Heavens Alley. He turned and continued walking. He had avenged his mother. Before he went searching for the blonde, there was one loose string he had to tie.

Helen had to go.

But for now, he wanted to sing.

Two dimes that chime
A little man's crime
Committing all that time
In pursuit of a dime