The Flea for the Soul : Soul Sante

March 15, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

The brain responds to visual stimulants more than anything else, and Scientists wouldn't need any experiments to prove this if they had visited the 'Sunday Soul Sante' in Bangalore on 13th March. It's going to be very hard to describe in words (I'm still going to try) because it is something that has to be experienced to comprehend and appreciate. Imagine being caught in a rainstorm, stranded at its epicentre, but instead of rain it's a thousand vividly bright colours falling all around you, instead of pattering drops it's chatter and laughter shared among friends and strangers, and instead of the smell of wet mud it's an aroma of freshly cooked kebabs and Bacon Brownies(You heard me right).

Oh, they were also serving beer. Nothing can go wrong when there's beer.

It's a brilliant idea really, giving independent artists a platform to showcase their talent in the form of handiwork and also broaden their clientèle. The ideas these people have, I kid you not, are nothing less than genius. Who knew an old monk bottle could have more purpose than making you forget the professors daughter? It can actually be beautifully painted and illuminated by rice lights, something that would definitely charm that professors daughter!

A lot of these guys use everyday objects, most of which you and I would probable simply dispose, and create delightful artefacts. There were at least 300 stalls, maybe even more, and all bustling with activity. Postcards with hand drawn doodles, Bottles colourfully painted, GOT caricatures, Marvel Ts, Tiny plants in tiny glass houses, Batman coasters, Hand designed slippers: there's something for everyone!

I continue walking. There's something that is guiding my direction but I don't exactly know what. And then it hits me. The aroma of freshly grilled kebabs and the sound of cracking potato crisps in the air. A Goan selling Pork Indad next to a German selling Sausages. Where else would you see such friendly diversity?

I'm going to keep this one short. If you own a business selling a product(preferably but not compulsorily an artistic one) you need to put up a stall in the Sante the next time they're in town. Trust me it gives you a much wider exposure and brings potential customers to your doorstep, literally, so to speak.

If you've never been to one of these, YOU MUST! There's a Sante held once every three months or so. Get your ass to the next one!

The scintillating pictures that have given the black and white words colour, were captured by Photographer +Sheldon D'mello. You can find more at his Facebook page: Sheldon Dmello Fotography.

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  1. When is this held...the description and pictures makes me want to go there