Heavens Alley - Chapter 5: Let the bodies hit the floor

Amora woke up in a sweat. She had seen numerous corpses in the span of her 7 year career, but for some reason Wendy Brisslman kept coming back to haunt her. She got out of bed, walked to the kitchen and fixed herself a midnight snack. It was the constant feeling that this death involved foul play that gave her these nightmares. She felt it her moral obligation to take action.

Eric was tying his tie into a double Windsor knot when the doorbell rang. He was very particular about security and had the latest gadget by Phoenix Security Systems installed. A part of this system was a tiny camera attached outside, focusing its attention on the entrance. He typed on a panel mounted next to the front door, and a little monitor mounted above it came to life. A pretty girl with blue hair appeared on screen. He pressed the mike button and spoke into it "May I help you?" "Hi, Eric, sorry to show up unannounced. I am Amora Rey, a reporter with Heavens Messenger. I wanted to speak to you regarding... well I would rather we spoke face to face", boomed the sweet voice through the speaker. There was a click and the door opened, and Eric met Amora for the first time.

They say man and woman were one being, one soul, at the beginning of time. One being with four arms, four legs and two heads. Zeus fearing their power, struck his mighty sword and split them into two halves, one into a man and one into a woman. Each soul was destined to spend eternity looking for the other, and when the fitting half was found, the heavens opened and thunder roared while the souls magically attracted each other.

This was not the case for Eric and Amora. Eric was heartless and women were just prey to him. Amora didn't believe in love and men were just a necessary evil.

"The girl who's poking Lucifer. I know you", Eric smiled warmly and extended his hand for a handshake. He was able to put up a friendly fa├žade with no effort at all. She shook it, firmly and walked in. He seated her in the large living room. "Do all counsellors earn this much?" questioned Amora. "Oh I do all-right. I notice you've done some homework. Would you like some tea? I just got Gyokuro leaves from Japan. You will love it", he said and walked into the kitchen, without waiting for her to respond. This was Eric's way of asserting dominance. He didn't like wasting one of the highest grade teas from Japan on this woman, but he needed Amora to warm up to him. "A friend of mine, Mao Noburu, recently came to Heavens Alley and the dear fellow got me the leaves I've been dying to try. I have been waiting for the other key ingredient, good company. And here you are", he spoke from the kitchen. He couldn't see her face but he was sure she was blushing. She wasn't. What a cheesy sham case thought Amora. She wasn't bowled over by charm. Besides, she had an agenda, one that no flirt was going to deter.

Eric walked back with a tray in hand which carried two cups with tea in them. He placed the tray on a coffee table in front of Amora, unbuttoned his suit jacket and sat on a couch opposite her. He picked up a cup and handed it to her, and took one for himself. "Eric, you know Wendy Brisslman. You were supposed to meet her at Lenny's day before", Amora began. "Ms Rey let's not insult the Japanese. Please, at least do them and me the courtesy of tasting the tea." Eric interrupted her, genuinely annoyed. This woman didn't know the pain Japanese cultivators took in preparing these leaves. It was a completely different process from other types of tea. It was grown under shade, allowing only diffused sunlight to pass through. This reduced the amount of photosynthesis the leaves went through, and in turn increased the quantity of chlorophyll in them. "Eric, I have a lot of work to tend to so let's avoid the chit chat. I've tasted your tea, and it's OK. Frankly I prefer the Cappuccino at my local Starbucks. I want to know where you were and what you did last day before yesterday, the day you were supposed to meet Wendy." Eric was caught by surprise. No one ever spoke to him this way. The vehemence in her voice was obvious. It angered him. He placed his cup down. "I will tell you what I have already told the annoyingly dim witted cops of this town. We planned to meet at the bar at 8. I was there at half past seven, waited till half past eight and left. My date, Wendy, didn't show up. Men get stood up all the time, and I assumed that's what had happened. Lenny, the owner, has given his statement confirming what I have just said is the truth. If that will be all, I would like you to leave as I have to get to work myself." He didn't wait for an answer. He stood, buttoned his suit and walked towards the door. He opened it and looked at Amora. She got up, and left.

A lot of the policemen were Amora's friends and she respected every member of the police force. She hated Eric for the insult he berated at them. Anyway, Eric's alibi was tight. She would have to look elsewhere for clues.

Eric shut the door and walked to the hall to pick up the cups. He was going to wash them before going to work. He didn't like leaving behind a mess. As he picked the cup he noticed his hand shivered. He was being engulfed in a fit of rage. That bitch dared to insult him. She dared to behave in a manner he didn't approve of. In his delusion of grandeur, he was above everyone else and no one dare have the audacity to bat an eyelid without his permission. He was the master and the world, his slave. His eyes went white with anger. It blinded him. He lifted the cup over his head and threw it at the wall. It shattered into a million shiny pieces that spread out across the hall. He kicked the coffee table, which toppled over. He caught the collar of his expensive shirt and ripped it to shreds. She was going to pay. With her life. But before that he was going to mess with her. She had to suffer. He was going to drop bodies all over Heavens Alley, until she herself walked in and tied her pitiful self down to the operating table, and begged Lucifer to end this wrath of horror her imbecile self had unleashed. He calmed down. His lips contorted into a devious smile. He knew what he had to do.

Amora walked into her office a few hours after she left Eric's home. She set her bag down and walked to the coffee machine. She hated the sweet tea Eric had offered her. Her mind was in a turmoil. The door opened and Kingsley's assistant, Dorothy Krutch walked in. "Ms Rey, Mr Kingsley wants to see you in his office and he stresses it is very very urgent. I have never seen a letter reign such panic on a person before Ms Rey, please, you must hurry." "What letter?", Amora asked as she and Dorothy almost jogged towards Kingsley's office. "I don't know, the office boy just got it in, says it was lying on the front desk." They entered Kingsley's office. He was seated at his desk and saw them enter. "Dorothy dear, could you please give us a moment", he said politely. Dorothy had been by his side for fifteen years now and he had utmost respect for her. In return, she was extremely loyal. She walked out, closing the door behind her.

"What's up Greg." Amora asked, sitting opposite Greg. "The office boy just got this letter up. Read it", he said, handing over a piece of paper to her. It was thick, and of much higher quality than the ones at her office. She began reading.

Greetings Mr Kingsley. Your daily editions of Heavens Messenger have kept me delightful company every morning. I highly regard every storyteller in your fleet. I happened to exceptionally like Amora Rey's piece on the Wendy Brisslman death. She thinks she may have stumbled upon a serial killer. Absurd don't you think? I'm sure you were against her presumptions being printed, but she managed to change your mind. What a feisty little cat she must be. Tell me this Mr Kingsley, if there is a Killer out there, is it wise to call him out on a local newspaper that is accessible to him? Do you think it's wise to reveal that he is being investigated? Big mistake Mr Kingsley. It turns out your cat is actually right. Lucifer HAS descended on Heavens Alley. And you have provoked him to take actions he didn't want to. This city will burn because of the words of one obnoxious woman. Ms Rey, What happens next is on you. Stop me if you can.

Good day Mr Kingsley.
Kisses to my Kitty cat.

Amora's hand trembled as she placed the letter on the table. She had a moment of fear and panic, but quickly regained composure. She was, for the first time in her life, terrified. He was actually arrogant enough to send a letter? The office boy said it was placed on the desk, which means he was actually in the building! They had no security cameras and he probably knew that. At that moment she decided. She was going to stop him. She had to. But first she had to find out who he was.

The phone rang. Kingsley received it. "Heavens messenger, Greg Kingsley speaking. Ahan. OK. WHAT?! We'll be right there." Amora we have to go, he said hanging up the phone. They found a body. An eight year old girl was found hanging from a tree in the Patriots Park.

There is something etched on her forehead. It's a message for you.


  1. Hi Anson,
    hope you are fine.
    The chapters are quite interesting but highly crisp.
    it seems you've a lot in mind but somehow getting less time to put it on paper..
    I would certainly urge you to bring in the details ..
    the chapters are mostly subject driven. It could all be converted into a full fledged manuscript if more time could be invested ...
    hope the suggesstion helps ..


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